eFin Stock Pickup

EFin Stock Pickup – Analyze right stocks at the right time and the right price
The most popular stocks analysis program in Thailand, the securities analysis program operated on Desktop which based on the concept suitable for all types of investors, the design and efficiency in providing fast information that will open new experiences which facilitate the investors to analyze their investments in equities and derivatives effectively.

Functional beyond Technical Chart viewing with reliable statistics

The important functions have been divided into 4 main areas:
• The analysis by technical chart which provides more than 130 indicators including those invented by efin
• The investment news supported by the qualified news agency, efinance Thai, together with the historical news searching system up to 2 years (maximum 180 days for users through securities company)
• The display of fundamental information in various formats, easy to understand and apply to stock search engine which will facilitate the investors to search for the required stocks easily to decide which stocks to buy or to sell
• The gathering of the past historical trading statistics to create functions that support various analyses in different perspectives both in terms of profitability or long term investment.

Stock Graphs - the heart of technical-oriented Investors

Graphs or so called Technical Analysis is the science of prediction whether the stock has the potential to be “up” or “down” in any directions. efin has armed such graphs with varieties of indicators both standardized and typical formats of efin itself so that you will be able to accurately predict the stock’s price trend of tomorrow whether it will be a “possible upward or downward” trend.

Support on Windows PC

Windows is the operating system that runs the efin StockPickUp Program because the program was designed for such operating system and was modified to be able to perform the functions with its best efficiency. Moreover, it was also developed to make the best use of various services of Windows. Therefore, if the investors are looking for the best stock analysis program operated on Windows Desktop that comes with excellent and completed functions that they would really enjoy for their daily use, efin StockPickUp is the best solution.

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