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23/06/2022 Transport, Land : Stellar Recovery In 2Q-3Q22 As Mobility Picks Up Sharply
22/06/2022 KEX : 2Q22 Results Preview: Still Negative But The Worst Has Passed
21/06/2022 ORI : Thailand’s Leading Developer With Multi-pronged Growth Strategy
20/06/2022 DTAC : Expect 2Q22 Earnings To Soften With Improving Risk/Reward Ratio
17/06/2022 Oil & Gas : Thailand Implementation Of Fuel Subsidy Should Not Hurt PTTEP, SPRC And ESSO
16/06/2022 TISCO : 2Q22 Results Preview: Expect Earnings To Be Flat yoy
15/06/2022 THCOM : Positive News Coming
14/06/2022 KCE : Earnings To Improve yoy And qoq
13/06/2022 KTB : Expect 2Q22 Earnings To Drop qoq On Higher Credit Costs; Downgrade To HOLD
10/06/2022 TOP : Most Positives Priced In; Prepare For A Soft Landing; Downgrade To HOLD
09/06/2022 AOT : 3QFY22 Preview: Positive Earnings Results Ahead
08/06/2022 Utilities, Electric-Generation : Better Growth Profile With Attractive Valuation
07/06/2022 Food : Commodities Pricing To Soften In 2H22
06/06/2022 AMATA : Expect Strong Earnings To Continue
06/06/2022 BTS : FY23 To Be A Hopeful Year Despite Facing Several Headwinds
02/06/2022 VGI : More Promising Prospects In FY23 From Pick-up In OOH Advertising
01/06/2022 Property : 1Q22 Results Wrap-up; Many Challenges Ahead
31/05/2022 BTS : 4QFY22: Poor Results Due To Omicron Outbreak
31/05/2022 KBANK : Plans To Purchase BMAS To Expand Its Business In Indonesia
30/05/2022 Finance : Consumer Finance: 1Q22 Results In Line; Expect 2022 Earnings To Grow 12% YOY
30/05/2022 BDMS : Announced A Large Investment In Health Wellness
27/05/2022 BCH : Moving Towards Normality From 2Q22 Onwards, Risks Partially Priced In

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